SHOWCROSS – 28th of January

Showcross competition, involves one round of approx 14 jumps – first half showjumps, second half working hunter jumps, whole round timed. Heights starting with crosspoles, classes up to 1m. Enter on the day only. PLEASE NOTE – INDIVIDUAL TIMES ARE NOT GIVEN, instead the course will be raised at specified times. Classes are £14, however clear round is available at £7 at each height if you are entering another class (at £14)


9.30 am Class 1 cross poles
Class 1 a – clear round (only £7 to enter if you are entering another competitive class on the day)
NBT (Not before time) 10.00 am Class 2 50 cm
Class 2a concurrently clear round at 50cm
NBT 11.00 am Class 3 60cm
class 3a concurrently clear round at 60cm
NBT 12.00 pm Class 4 70cm
class 4a concurrently clear round at 70cm
NBT 1.00 pm Class 5 80cm
class 5a concurrently clear round at 80cm
NBT 1.30 pm Class 6 90cm
class 6a concurrently clear round at 90cm
NBT 2.00 pm Class 7 1.00m
class 7a concurrently clear round at 1.00m

All entries on the day only. Classes will be held in the Indoor Arena, with outdoor warm-up. Individual times will not be given, classes will not start before the above times, to give competitors an idea of when their class will be on. Helpful staff on hand to assist competitors with young/novice horses and ponies and novice/nervous competitors!!