BHS Exams and Training



BHS Exam Dates 2016

  • 10.05.16 – Stage 1
  • 11.05.16 – Stage 2
  • 18.05.16 – Preliminary Teaching Test
  • 23.08.16 – Stage 1
  • 24.08.16 – Stage 2
  • 08.11.16 – Stage 1



Exam Training

DSC_5153We offer a high standard of training and a sympathetic and encouraging environment in which our students can fulfil the highest possible levels of customer care, riding skills and horse management.

We have excellent on site accommodation and facilities. Our expertise spans across the spectrum of exams whether it’s a child refreshing for Pony Club exams, a guide requiring the very excellent BET certificates, or a career path for the young or not so young to progress to a highly qualified level within the BHS framework.

Not everyone has the time to devote entirely to training, so we have devised a system of delivery of training which will allow you to access as much or as little training as you require, for any exam or any purpose.

We will provide an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year’s training whatsoever.  You decide which part of the syllabus, or which part of your riding you want to cover in that period.  We will deliver exactly that.

The costs are fixed to allow you flexibility and to keep within your budget.

  • 1 hour:    £40
  • 1 day:      £85
  • 1 day plus accommodation:  £135
  • 1 week:    £725 all inclusive, excluding drinks
  • 1 month:  £2,050 all inclusive, excluding drinks.

We can assure you will get the best out of every hour.

You can be a working pupil with us for £25 per week

We also deliver English Language Tuition

In addition we offer training in:

  • Voice Coaching –  invaluable for interesting teaching
  • Horse Behaviour Awareness –  to bring out the best in your horse
  • Horse Breaking –  Using our Roundpen
  • Retraining and Loading

Discount Vouchers are available for all training.


“I came to your complex yesterday for stage 2 exam and I just wanted to write a wee note to say how fantastic all your staff, horses and facilities were”


The Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle


“I sat my PTT at your centre.  Just a wee note to say I Passed !!  Thanks to everyone involved and particularly your lovely staff who found duck tape to fix my boot!

Lorna  M


Scottish Equi run a series of exams each year from Stage 1 to Stage 3 and PTT





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